Classic 14pcs Vegetable Chopper Slicer Dicer

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Product Highlights:
- Since vegetable choppers are equipped with sharp blades, they should be handled with care and should not be left with children without proper supervision Immerse assembly into the --water before starting work, wet cutting blade faster, and use less power.
- When finished, place the blades in a box at a time to avoid congestion and loss of the blade.
- Do not try to remove food by hand. If food gets stuck between the blades, use the hard fork to prevent the hand from hurting.
- To ensure a smooth cut, the fruits and vegetables should be smaller than the diameter of the blade.

What's in the box
1 x Removable Mandolinist Slicer
2 x Dicer blades(big and small)
2 x Slicer blades(Smooth and wavy shape
2 x Filamentous blades (Coarse and small)
1 x Mince ginger Ground blade
1 x Container with Lid
1 x Handguard
1× Food Drain Basket
1 x Cleaning Tool
1xEgg separator

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